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Heidi Yip, NP


My name is Heidi and I am a board certified Nurse Practitioner specializing in the management of headache disorders.  Aside from being an Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, I also have an Added Qualification in Headache Medicine from the National Headache Foundation.  Thank you for considering my headache clinic to be a part of your healthcare.  

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My Story

I started working in healthcare when I was just a teenager, providing home care for elderly individuals until I turned 18 years old.  I then became a certified nursing assistant and worked in a transitional care unit in a nursing home in Geneva, NY.  I decided I wanted to further my education, so I enrolled at FLCC and obtained dual degrees in Nursing and Liberal Arts.  I started as a brand new RN at Upstate Medical University in the Medical ICU in Syracuse, NY in August 2011.  From there I worked in the adult ICU float pool (Burn Unit, Surgical ICU, Neuro ICU, Cardiac ICU).  I simultaneously enrolled at Upstate College of Nursing and completed the BSN program in December 2014.  I ended my time at Upstate Medical University in June 2016 after working in the trauma ED for some time.  In July of that same year, my husband graduated from a residency in Orthopedics through Upstate Medical University and off we went to NYC for his fellowship.  We spent one year in the city and even had our first child - Jackson - while there.  Upon completing his fellowship, we moved back to the Rochester area and he became a partner at Greater Rochester Orthopaedics where he currently practices, (Dr. Michael Yip - Upper Extremity Specialist), and I enrolled at St. John Fisher College.  I graduated with an MSN in August 2019, took my board certification exam (and passed!), and had our second child - Henry - about 1 week later. 


For work, I was lucky enough to find Ontario Neurology Associates and practiced under them for a little over 3 years as an AGACNP-BC, providing general Neurological care to many patients.  In April 2023, I left Ontario Neurology Associated to open my own private practice.  I have taken a special interest in headache disorders and find being able to provide patients relief from one of the most common, most debilitating disorders in the world is very rewarding.  I have watched patients go from daily headaches for 30+ years to essentially complete headache freedom.  Not only is that in itself very rewarding, but gaining the trust of a patient who has given up trying to control their headaches because "nothing has ever worked" is great motivation to provide my very best care.  I truly feel that being able to provide care to others is a privilege not to be taken lightly, and as a provider I believe I owe it to my patients to continually learn and grow so they are getting the best care possible.  I opened the first (local) Nurse Practitioner owned and led Headache Clinic, specializing in the management of various headache disorders!  I look forward to getting to know you and providing you with exceptional, individualized care.   

Aside from work, I am a very busy mom of 4 children, Jackson and Henry whom I mentioned above, and twins Anna and Charlie who were born during the COVID pandemic. My husband and I both place a lot of value on family, hard work and setting a good example for our children. We are constantly on the go and would not have it any other way!


I am currently accepting new patients.  Please review the Patient Resources page to verify insurance information and print the required paperwork for your initial visit.

 585-433-8050 (P)

 585-492-9022 (F)

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