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Peony Blossom

Year after year, headaches are found to be one of the most disabling health conditions around the globe.  Heidi Lynn Yip has been providing high quality, comprehensive care

in headache medicine for several years. 

She is currently accepting new patients and has IMMEDIATE availability. 

*No referral needed.

Comprehensive Headache Care 

"For anyone who has not seen Heidi for migraine treatment, she is personable, truly cares about what you’re feeling and won’t stop trying to help you.  I’ve been seeing different Neuro’s and NP’s for 9 years.  I started seeing Heidi about a year ago.  I highly recommend Heidi, (and her new Headache Clinic!)"

  • Oral medications 

    • Prescription​

    • Over-the-Counter 

  • Injections

    • Botox​

    • Nerve Blocks

    • Trigger Point Injections

  • Nonpharmalogical Medical Devices

  • Referrals to PT

  • Lifestyle modifications

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